Welcome from the Principal

A warm welcome to Ingle Farm Primary. As a learning community, we invite you to read and view details about our curriculum opportunities and our student achievements.

At Ingle Farm Primary School we pride ourselves on providing a high-quality, learning environment, which is both caring and supportive of individual students. Our school itself is committed to valuing differencecelebrating learning and working together. We consider ourselves unique in terms of primary schooling in South Australia as we provide a range of opportunities for learners across our site.

Our Primary Sector caters for Primary School aged children from Reception to Year 7.

Our Intensive English Language Program caters for students from Reception to Year 7 who are newly arrived in Australia and require intensive English language support.

Our Special Education sector caters for students from Reception to Year 2 within a Specialist Speech and Language Class and also caters for students from Year 3 to 7 within a Special Class for Students with disabilities.

We are committed to providing an educational program that meets the needs of all students from all different backgrounds with different experiences and strengths. We believe that our diversity of cultures, languages and experience is a source of strength, inspiration and knowledge. Located in the northern suburbs of Adelaide, Ingle Farm Primary offers the security of an established, structured curriculum combined with contemporary, dynamic and innovative educational practice. Our highly qualified and skilled professional staff are committed to supporting every learner to continually progress their individual learning. We value respect and support for each other as learners and we hold high expectations for achievement. Our staff is committed to ongoing professional learning and this supports the daily delivery of current curriculum across all learning areas that is engaging, inclusive and achievement driven.

We facilitate social, physical and emotional development of each individual student by providing opportunities for student decision making and learning for global citizenship. We encourage our students to develop a sense of social responsibility by showing integrity, resilience and respect for differences in people. The multicultural nature of our student population enhances the sense of community within the school, and our size enables us to maintain close and valued links with the members of our school community.

Our Governing Council members, together with staff, students and families strive for active involvement in all aspects of school life. This is one of the many reasons we enjoy a nurturing environment where members of our community value the positive relationships that exist.

We are fortunate to be co-located with The Ingle Farm Children’s Centre and The Family Zone – A non-profit organisation providing services and community support for families.

Our site context statement, improvement plan and current annual report provide detailed information about each section of our school community and I invite you to contact me through our front office or via email to attend a scheduled school tour or to discuss any aspect of our school community.

Warm Regards

Vanessa Mortimer