ICT (Information and Communication Technology)

The use of ICT in all teaching and learning across curriculum areas is a strong focus at Ingle Farm Primary School. As one of the General Capabilities we recognise the importance of developing students’ digital skills through the use of ICT. There are five key elements that develop students’ knowledge and skills around ICT and its use, and the ability to transfer these across environments. These include: investigating, communicating, applying social and ethical protocols and practices, managing and operating and creating with ICTs. We aim to develop lifelong learners who are efficient, effective and responsible users of ICT.

Technology at Ingle Farm Primary School

Ingle Farm Primary School provides a high level of access to technologies across the site. Students have access to dedicated computer suits and a STEM Lab which has a variety of specialised digital technologies. Ingle Farm Primary School successfully runs a 1:1 laptop program across senior year classrooms and provides classroom access to iPads, laptop pods and computer rooms across Reception to Year 5.

Technology use and safety

Children are taught safe and appropriate use of technology and the internet which complies with our ICT use and Cyber-Safety Agreement.