Intensive English Language Centre

At Ingle Farm Primary School, we understand that moving to a new country and learning a new language can be a very challenging and difficult time for your child.

We are a welcoming community of learners who pride ourselves on ensuring that all children feel valued and supported in our multicultural school setting.


Our program provides intensive language support to primary school aged students (5-13 years) who are newly arrived in Australia. We introduce students to the cultural practices of Australian society and support them to learn English across all curriculum areas.


Our aim is to prepare students for success in a mainstream school and develop student confidence to live in their new community.

Our classes are taught by specially trained teachers who have experience in teaching students with little or no English.

We use special teaching strategies that support the learning of all subjects in the Australian Curriculum with a specific focus on the English language and how to apply it effectively both academically and socially.


Students generally stay in the Intensive English Language Centre for twelve months. Though the time required by students to learn enough oral and written English to participate effectively in mainstream classes varies and is dependent on many factors.

After completion, students are supported to successfully continue their education at their local school. We run a transition program that assists students with this process.


Bilingual School Support Officers and School Support Officers are an integral part of our program. They provide support both within and outside of the classroom depending on the needs of students and families. They run our successful intervention and orientation program where students are offered 1:1 support where intensive learning is needed.

Meet some of our regular support staff

Mohammad – BSSO
Fluent in: Kurdish, Persian, Dari and Arabic
Supporting children and teachers: Monday to Friday

Gulnara – BSSO
Fluent in: Chinese, Uzbek, Uighur and Russian
Supporting children and teachers: Wednesday and Thursday

Vivian – BSSO
Fluent in: Spanish
Supporting children and teachers: Wednesday  

Amna - SSO
Fluent in: Serbian
Supporting children and teachers: Monday to Friday

Mania - SSO
Fluent in: Farsi
Supporting children and teachers: Tuesday and Wednesday

We have access to other BSSOs, SSOs, interpreters, volunteers and Community Liaison Officers who are available to support families and students.

Parental Involvement

Parental involvement is welcomed. If you would like to be involved, please contact either IELC Assistant Principal or the class teacher of your child.

Teaching Principles

Our IELC classes operate independently from the mainstream classes, but we all come together for shared whole school events and activities. We acknowledge the value of and support cross cultural and intercultural knowledge and understanding across the school and wider community.

We offer regular incursions and excursions to our IELC students, with the understanding that these rich experiences provide them with invaluable learning and the confidence to embrace our community.Our class sizes are intentionally small for maximum learning and are organised by age.

These experiences are aligned with our orientation program, so that students are participating in real and meaningful activities.

Our program is adapted to suit the needs of each child, so that we can have happy, motivated and successful learners.