FLMD Program

The First Language Maintenance and Development (FLMD) program is intended to support primary schools to provide language learning programs that would respect, maintain and develop home languages and cultures of young learners who come to school as speakers of languages other than English.

At Ingle Farm Primary School, FLMD is offered to students who meet the Department for Education’s eligibility in the schools’ target languages: Arabic, Indic, Iranic and Tagalog. This program supports our school with the provision of additional languages to maintain and extend the home language of Reception to Year 7 students, from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. The focus of FLMD is to align with the school’ Site Improvement Plan [SIP] and support students during guided reading by teaching English reading skills through the use of their first language.

The aim of the program is to support eligible students to;

  • Respect, develop and maintain their first language
  • Develop language and literacy skills with the support of Teachers and BSSO’S [Bilingual student support officers]
  • Foster a sense of self-identity