Absence / Attendance

Regular attendance of children at school is crucial to their learning, well-being and life success. Parents and guardians are responsible for the regular attendance of all children in their care. Children are required to attend school from when they turn 6 until they turn 16 (Section 76 of the Education Act 1972).Students will enter class after the 8:55am bell and be ready for learning.Students who have poor attendance can limit their achievement of essential knowledge and skills that can lead to decreased options for future pathways.

Whenever your child is absent please notify the school either by phone on the day 82624864 or by a note when the child returns to school.

If a child is frequently late or absent parents will be contacted. If you have difficulty with your child attending school you should immediately contact the school to seek help. You can discuss your concerns with your child’s teacher, leadership staff or the school principal. School Attendance and Engagement Social Workers can work with families to encourage and support students to regularly attend school.

Families who are on holidays during term time are asked to let the school know. If the holiday is longer than a week there is an exemption form, available from the Front Office, which the Education Department requires to be filled out.

Students are not permitted to leave the school grounds between 8:55am and 3:05pm unless collected by a parent / caregiver. If you wish to collect your child(ren) early from school we ask you to come to the Front Office to sign your child(ren) out at the time of picking them up. You will be given a slip to hand to the teacher. This ensures the safety of all students.

If families have questions regarding attendance please click the link below:

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Hot/Wet Weather

Because our school is air conditioned there is no change to our school times on very hot days. In very wet or hot weather students may be required to stay indoors during recess and/or lunch times. This will be in exceptional cases because of the extensive shelter and shade surrounding our buildings.

The library is air-conditioned so even if play continues children who feel the effects of heat may choose to spend their lunch play time in here.